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A new member!! oh, and my spontaneous rant

At last, the dude at Asobiba posted a photo of us from the Aug 28th night game.
i'm on the left obviously in Black-Kit, by my side, our new team member Neal from Tennessee. He's been playing airsofts back in the states as well as being familier with much of real-steel handling, which is a great advantage to have especially in a realism-team like ours. U know, there is a noticeable difference btwn those airsofters who know of that massive sound,impact and energy of which real firearms produce, and those majority in Japan who only know guns from movies and videogames. Neal is a chill dude who is also into aviation and flight-sims just like myself, we kinda clicked right away.

Since there is no other photos of us, i won't bother making this post a game-report. For this very reason, we need to get our own camera guy ASAP. Speaking of team-publicity tho lol,
instead, id like to rant a bit, about the Airsoft scene in Japan today.....
i had some thoughts from seeing the recent storming of noobs with their rather "commercial" interest towards airsofting. Not against em at all, but there are certain things we now must be aware of...

Airsofting and mil-sim is originally a Japanese hobby since the 70's. Obviously created due to firearms being highly regulated in Japan. Interestingly enough, just like legal gun owners simply practicing the constitutional rights in the USA, the harmless airsofters in Japan had been suffering the same cold stares by silly mass of modern conformists, who in real life, don't even know what they are talking about really. Regardless of the educational level of the common folks, we live in democratic nations where simply the majority of votes counts in law makings. As legal firearms get regulated harder and harder in the west, airsofting is now rapidly becoming a popular hobby among western countries.

A Thing about Japanese-original inventions (historical or modern) is that, not only those are rare and niche products but they almost always seek&ask "confirmation from the Westerns". Now that Americans and Europeans are airsofting, Japanese mass are all of the sudden, in-it, and they are in-it hard.
I know at least 4 large airsoft fields opened up in Tokyo area alone this year, 2 more coming by the end. And i even see groups of females showing up at every sweaty mil-sim games that were once known to be the prime "men caves".

There's nothing wrong in growing popularity and diversification, especially in the eyes of capitalists,i might add. But the introduction of the common mass into niche subjects and subcultures usually comes in consequences.
Needless to say, the most known is the "cultural quality-drop". The art loving,underground party going NewYorkers being the most familiar thus sensitive about this issue i would say...
But anyways, when it comes to the hobby involving these highly realistic replica firearms, the upcoming consequences might not sound good to us, the original enthusiasts.
Someone with lesser knowledge about guns with insufficient amount of common sense, may provoke an unwanted attention from authority, causing in further strict regulations and ultimately, the banning of all airsofts.
We don't ever want that day to come any closer, do we?  


got a lil' question for my international viewers

hit counts are growing pretty well these days even though i just started this blog like 3 months ago.
i'm trying to write all my posts in both English and Japanese as much as i can, but it surely is time-consuming.
i'd like to apologize my international visitors for certain long posts i've made here (such as custom airsofts and real-steel shooting reports) still being written only in japanese.
Please understand that its just my least attempt in keeping my blog posts in rather ''compact'' or ''smartphone-friendly'' package, while informatively appealing to the current majority of geeky viewers here=japs.
Upon your requests, i'd however add English captions on those specific posts. (i've already done this for my SAS CRW and UK 2 PARA loadout posts), so just msg me if any.

Oh, and while i was re-editing the blog template, i've realized that militaryblog's default anti-spam setting was denying ''any comments written primarily in english alphabets'' !!
i was like, WTF? why would they do that?
i guess it deals with japanese folk's general lack in foreign language skill = not being able to cope with the real WorldWideWeb.... such closed society and its islandic culture....smh

NEways, here's the question for my dearest international viewers,

''What genre of informations from Tokyo airsoft scene(or from me) would you appriciate the most???''

events in and near Tokyo metropolis? gaijin-accepting teams? gun shops&surplus stores? brand new japanese guns? or OG retro japanese guns(such as 70's-80's cap-firing modelguns and perhaps, 80's airtank-powered ''BV'' airsofts maybe)?

Your feedbacks are greatly appriciated!!




僕はジブリファンなんで、宮崎監督も大好きなイギリス軍のSMLE NO.1 MK.IIIが登場してます。カットしちゃったけどこれまた宮崎監督作品によくでてくるウェブリーリボルバーも使いました。

こちらは、Mr.BBガンとして演出を担当させていただいたSwedish House Mafiaの''Antidote''のPVになります。撮影はもちろんNYCの市街にあるクラブなんですが、『ヤクザの経営する東京のクラブに仮面をつけた鉄砲玉(FPSゲーム視点)の軍団がやってくる』演出としました。実銃プロップの市内での発砲は、屋内でも銃規制の大変厳しいNYCでは許可をとるのに苦労しました。

Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party - Antidote... 投稿者 WeWatchMusic





はじめまして!リーダーのHIRO THA JAPと申します。生まれは日本ですが、米国NY州NYC出身の帰国子女です。クラブDJをしています。

実は幼少の頃より銃とミリタリアに親しんできた筋金入りのコレクターです。ちょっと日本では考えられないことと思いますが、NYPDやPenn state police trooperの射撃訓練にゲスト参加した経験も有り、当然、class-3 weapons(フルオートの銃のことです)含めた実銃のハンドリング、技術をたくさん身に付けています。ミリタリアでは、Nam戦の一般歩兵に支給される装備のほとんどを所有。90−00’年代のSEAL Team4の装備も多数。現在は有名な80−90年代のSAS、 CRWのCT装備、通称''Black kit''を、現存する可能な限りの実物で収集しています。

まだ、日本へ帰国(移住?)したばかりで、仕事以外にも趣味のつながりを日本でも広げたいと思い、エアソフトチーム''DOOR KICKERZ'' の立ち上げを行っております。